Our Palo Alto Story

My family’s Palo Alto story begins like that of so many others. My dad was offered a job, so he and my mom looked nearby for a safe place to raise their children. In Palo Alto, they saw something special: great neighborhood schools, tree-lined streets, wide open spaces, and, most importantly, they found an inclusive community of like-minded neighbors, many of whom were civically-engaged and leaders in academia, technology, education, environmentalism, and the arts. My parents fit right in: while my father worked in medical research, my mother earned national recognition for her work in women’s STEM education. They chose a house in South Palo Alto, on Greer Road, and never looked back.

I can’t imagine a better place to live. Growing up, I rode my bike to Palo Verde Elementary, performed at the Children’s Theatre, and played trombone in the Gunn Jazz Band. As an adult, when I moved home to help take care of my dad, our fellow Palo Altans supported my family through a difficult time. Palo Alto made me who I am.

Working for You

In 2014, I ran for and earned a seat on City Council. This was my way of both giving back and paying it forward. I asked you to join me on a journey to listen and learn from each other, craft a shared vision, and use smart policies to make that vision a reality.

I’m proud of our collective efforts and my record. We’ve slowed office growth and refocused on increasing housing options. We saved Buena Vista Mobile Home Park, keeping dozens of families in our community. I have led on the issues of sustainable planning, raising the minimum wage, holding regular neighborhood town halls, divesting city funds from fossil fuels, increasing funding for youth programs, and requiring transparency in how the city uses any technology which could threaten privacy.

Our Future

While I am excited about the progress we’ve made, there’s more to be done. I look forward to working with my colleagues and with you to reduce traffic, increase affordable housing, protect our environment, and ensure that both seniors and future generations have the best opportunities Palo Alto can offer.

Around our country, the rights of so many -- women, immigrants, people of color -- are under attack. We need to keep working together to make certain Palo Alto remains inclusive, innovative, and sustainable.

I’ve always made it a priority to be accessible to residents and community groups. The best ideas come from the community, not from City Hall. To stay ahead of the curve, to fulfill my commitment to our community, and to continue to deliver results, it’s important that I hear from you. What’s your vision of our city’s best possible future, and what policies do you think might help us get there? Please email me: Cory@CoryWolbach.com, and join me by supporting my campaign for a better Palo Alto.

Looking forward to chatting soon,